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Night Driving

No matter what your role - law enforcement, firefighter, public works, or water/sewer - you may need to spend some of your time driving at night. Immediately, the risks of an accident increase at night due to lower visibility and both distracted and fatigued drivers. The principles of night driving are generally the same no matter what vehicle your employees drive, and so our guidelines, best practices, and sample policies will give you some ideas on how to make sure your employees drive as safe as possible at night.
Night Driving Safety Tips
February 18, 2016   |  DMV.org
There are no bad cars, only bad drivers. It's up to the operator to stay alert, especially at night, when road dangers wax and alertness wanes. Fortunately, there are many precautions you can take to heighten your driving safety driving safety.
Vehicle Safety Tips: All You Need to Know about Night Driving
February 18, 2016   |  Safety Services Company
For drivers who have to work at night by delivering goods or traveling from one workplace to another, a wild imagination is not necessary to stay safe on the road. All you need are the following safety measures on night driving.
Sample Policies
Defensive Driving Guide: Night Driving
February 18, 2016   |  Fleet Answers
Pages 12-13 share some ideas about what to include in a night driving policy.
Driving Policy and Safe Driver Program
February 18, 2016   |  County of San Mateo, California
Page 33 offers some ideas to include in your night driving policy.
Sample Forms
Driver's Time Record
February 18, 2016   |  Alabama Law Enforcement Agency
This form can help track the amount of your employees' night driving.
Driver's Daily Log
February 18, 2016   |  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
A daily log for employees who drive long distances can help track night driving hours.
After Dark: The Most Dangerous Time to Drive
February 18, 2016   |  National Safety Council
Lack of light, compromised night vision, rush hour, impaired drivers and fatigue all contribute to making driving at night more dangerous than during any other time of day. In fact, traffic deaths are three times greater at night, according to National Safety Council research.
Driving at Night Can Be Deadly
February 18, 2016   |  NHTSA
This brochure offers some facts and statistics about the dangers of night driving.
Audit Checklist
Driving at Night Checklist
February 18, 2016   |  Know Risk
A quick checklist to make sure you're prepared to drive at night.
What You Need to Know About Night Driving
February 18, 2016   |  Road and Travel Magazine
A thorough checklist of items to make sure you're prepared for night driving.
4 Safety Tips for Night Driving
February 18, 2016   |  Allstate Blog
Whether it’s just after dusk, or right before dawn, these tips can help you take back the night.
How to Improve Your Night Driving
February 18, 2016   |  Lifehacker
Driving at night is never particularly fun, but you can make it a better experience pretty easily.
Best Practices
Own the Night: 10 Tips for Driving After Dark
February 18, 2016   |  Popular Mechanics
Night driving isn't just annoying, it's dangerous. Here are 10 tips to make your nocturnal migrations safer and better.
The Do's and Don't's of Night Driving
February 18, 2016   |  Specsavers
These do's and don't's cover some night driving best practices.
Expert Talks Night Driving, How to Adjust
February 18, 2016   |  FOX 2 (St. Louis)
How is your night vision? Do you have problems seeing while you're behind the wheel? SLUCare Ophthalmologist Dr. Matthew Council gives some tips to help you adjust.
What to Do to Make Driving at Night Safer
February 18, 2016   |  Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving Online spokesman Jim Angelo explains some of the hazards created by darkness and offers several tips to make driving at night safer.