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Best Practices

We are blessed with hundreds of talented members.  This page is dedicated to sharing their best practices. 

The information contained in this publication was obtained from sources believed to be reliable. LGRMS make no representations or guarantee as to the correctness or sufficiency of any information contained herein, nor a guarantee of results based upon the use of this information and disclaims all warranties expressed or implied regarding merchantability, fitness for use and fitness for a particular purpose. LGRMS does not warrant that reliance upon this document will prevent accident and losses or satisfy federal, state and local codes, ordinances and regulations. You assume the entire risk as to the use of this information.
CPR Machine
  |  Henry County
Candace Amos saw this article "Henry County deploys new CPR devices" – in the paper about the new Zoll Rescue CPR system.   The article says according to Interim Fire Chief Brad Johnson, the rescue pump is the first of it’s kind and the H.C.F.D. is one of the first in the nation and one of only two departments in the state administering this cutting edge technology.
Franklin County Backing Course
  |  Franklin County
Steve Shields, David Trotter, and Julie Hyer developed and provided a vehicle backing course for Franklin County based on their loss trend.  
Inspection Form
  |  City of Winder
When Steve Shields was visiting the Utility Department within the City of WInder, he found an excellent Jobsite Inspection Form. The City also started adding photos when completing the Form.
Jones County Commissioner Checks Blood Pressure
  |  Jones County
During the  Jones County Health Fair, one of the vendors did not show and they were supposed to do blood pressure screenings.  Since they did not show, Jonathan Pitts (one of the County Commissioners) stepped in.  He not only checked blood pressure, but checked BMI too (please see attached pictures). Nearly 1/3 of their employees participated in the Health Fair and of those, 97% completed the HRAs! They also wanted employees to be more active while at the Health Fair instead of just “scooping” freebies from each booth.  So they had employees have their blood pressure and oxygen checked, walk five laps around the gym, and then recheck their blood pressure and oxygen.  It was really great! 
Policy Manual Exam
  |  City of Centerville
Chris Ryan would like to share a best practice from the City of Centerville.  LGRMS stresses the importance of making sure employees go over the policy manual.   The City of Centerville gives each new employee an open book test of the manual.  They are required to return this test in their own handwriting and it makes them open the manual to at least find the answers to the test.
Work Order Software System
  |  Stephens County
We would like to share a best pratice from Stephens County.  Check out this their new software to manage assets and work orders.  The better these are managed, the better risk is managed.