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Law Enforcement Risk Management Summit

The first annual Law Enforcement Risk Management Summit will offer three courses that address high-risk agency operation exposure.
Event Details
August 11, 2023
Supervisor Liability (6 hours) – Course Objectives: 
  1. The 3 most important questions in supervisor liability.
  2. Inspect what you expect—taking on the role of early detection and intervention.
  3. Internal Affairs operations as an agency-wide undertaking.
  4. Sources of liability in personnel management.
  5. Making legally and ethically defensible hiring decisions.
  6. Performance evaluations—are they helping or hurting us?
  7. Combating the diffusion of responsibility and the bystander effect as supervisors.
  8. Officer discipline, termination, and the liabilities incurred by the failure to act.
Managing Liability Risk in Road Patrol and Jail Operations (6 hours) – Course Objectives
  1. High-risk road patrol and jail operations.
  2. Risk management approaches to audits, inspections, and corrective action.
  3. Reducing operational exposure and optimizing organizational success.
  4. The confluence between policy, training, supervision, and corrective action. 
How to Mitigate Agency Liability through Audits and Inspections (6 hours) – Course Objectives:   
  1. Topics to audit and inspect for early detection of minor problems.
  2. Identify and handle “hot button” issues that could be indicative of underlying or developing issues.
  3. Dealing with damaging incidents before they progress into risk management nightmares.