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Risk Connection

The Risk Connection is a quarterly publication of Local Government Risk Management Services, Inc., a service organization of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia and the Georgia Municipal Association, whose purpose is to educate and inform cities and counties about loss control methods and risk management.

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2020 Summer_Fall_Social Media Issue
August 13, 2020   |  LGRMS
In this issue:
Atwood vs. Clemmons
Editor Notes: Social Media
Why Should You Comment on Social Media in a Crisis?
Model Local Government Social Media Policy
Analysis Atwood v. Clemmons
Safety Theme - Be Prepared for Lightning Storms


2020 Spring Risk Connection
May 8, 2020   |  LGRMS
In this issue:
General Sanitation Guidelines During the COVID-19 Pandemic
LGRMS Training Calendar
Fighting Firefighter Cancer with Firefighter Controls
To Reduce Injuries, Effingham County Rethinks the Status Quo of Moving Pitching Mounds
Face Masks, A Step Toward Safety
Aaron Cross Blog
Safety Theme

2018-2019 Winter
November 8, 2019   |  LGRMS
In this issue:
Getting Below 100: A Common-Sense Path Toward Reducing Officer Deaths
Five Areas Where Cities Lose the Most Money to Claims
Solving a Problem - the Right Way, the Safe Way
Safety Theme - Are You Following the Rules
2017 Summer
November 8, 2019   |  LGRMS
2016-2017 Winter
November 8, 2019   |  LGRMS
Top 10 OSHA Violations, Constructive Feedback:  The Most Effective and Least Used Tool in Reducing Risk, Eleventh Circuit Discusses False Arrest and Municipal Liability, H&W Corner-Sandwich Slimdown:  Swap out the Bread to Save Calories
2019 Fall_Winter
November 8, 2019   |  LGRMS
2017 Spring
April 1, 2017   |  LGRMS
Spring Cleaning for Your First Aid Kit | GA Supreme Court WC Decision Restores Willful Misconduct Defense for Employees | Director's Corner-Insurance Loss Analysis | A Lifetime of Risk | Health as an Outcome Based on Well-Being & Not Merely the Absence of Disease
2016 Summer
July 15, 2016   |  LGRMS
Contractual considerations for Local Governments
2013 Winter
  |  LGRMS
Colquitt County Implements GPS Monitoring of Departments
Ten Steps to Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan
Checklist for Dealing with Workplace Power Interruptions
Public Entity Loss Perspective
Conducting a Formal Exit Interview
Inspiration to Keep Moving!
2014 Spring
  |  LGRMS
Pre-Staged Emergency Signage and Equipment
Safety Action Meetings
Your Heart . . . Your Lifeline
2015 Fall
  |  LGRMS
Tom Brady and the NFL:  Personnel Law Lessons for Public Safety Leaders | Accident Invesigation:  Root Cause Analysis | H&W Corner - Tips to Become a Morning Exerciser | Vehicle Breakdowns:  What's Your Plan?
2015 Spring
  |  LGRMS
Firve Issues that Might Protect Your Agency from a "Ferguson" | Body Worn Video Recording | Jeff Davis County Fire & Rescue Rehabilitation Stations
2015 Summer
  |  LGRMS
Safety Grants and Incentives | Objective Investigation for Law Enforcement Vehicle Incidents | Safety Meeting Tips:  Add a Touch of Creativity to Your Safety Meetings | H&W Corner - About Health Promotions, Seven Key Tips for Creating Cohesive Wellness and Safety Programs | Below 100 Train the Trainer | Distracted Driving:  Statistics Tell the Tale
2016 Fall
  |  LGRMS
Sixth Circuit Discusses Handcuffing & Execessive Force, Title VII Retaliation - FLSA Lawsuits Continue To Soar, Don't Blow It When you Lift - Your Disc-That is, Worksite Stretching
2016 Spring
  |  LGRMS
Should Employers Implement a Kiss-and-Tell Policy? | Jail Staff not Deliberately Indifferent to Pre-Trial Detainee Medical Needs | Wiper Blades | Why Vehicle Maintenance? | Motor Vehicle Accidents