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Emergency PLANNING

Following OSHA standards, organizations use emergency action plans to thoroughly outline what to do in case of workplace emergencies. Well-developed emergency action plans reduce employee injuries, lessen property damage, and ensure the safety of visitors. Your plan needs step by step procedures for emergencies (such as chemical spills, fire, tornadoes, or major accidents) and requirements for training.

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General Guidelines for Developing Emergency Action Plans
February 8, 2016   |  UNC at Chapel Hill
These guidelines include establishing roles, communication, and emergency equipment/transportation. Plenty of examples are included.
OSHA Principal Emergency Response and Preparedness
December 9, 2015   |  OSHA
This publication provides a generic, non-exhaustive overview of OSHA standards for emergencies.
Sample Policies
Emergency Disaster Plan Template
December 9, 2015   |  Novation
This thorough emergency disaster plan template allows you to customize it with your own information.
Georgia Emergency Operations Plan
December 8, 2015   |  GEMA
The Georgia Emergency Operations Plan (GEOP) is the State of Georgia’s Strategic Plan for coordination and management of disasters. Updated January 2015.
Sample Forms
Dam Emergency Action Plan
December 9, 2015   |  North Carolina Dam Safety Program
This emergency action plan template is tailored to dams.
Emergency Contact Forms
December 9, 2015   |  Field Guide to Emergency Response
In an emergency, these forms will help you easily track and find emergency and institutional contacts, valuable documents, supplier/vendor contact information, and essential supplies.
Family Emergency Plan
December 9, 2015   |  FEMA
Families can use this form to consolidate information and plan what to do in an emergency.
Emergency Preparedness and Response Resources for Child Care Programs
December 9, 2015   |  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
This guide provides resources to help child care programs begin the process of developing an emergency plan or begin the process of updating their current plans.
Museum Emergency Preparedness Tips
December 9, 2015   |  Heritage Preservation Risk Evaluation and Planning Program
This short article covers emergency preparedness tips for museums and museum visitors.
Response Planning and Training Tips
December 9, 2015   |  Entergy
Parts of this presentation include good advice and guidance about disaster planning and emergency preparedness.
Suggested Contents of a Basic Emergency Plan That Addresses Collections
December 9, 2015   |  Heritage Preservation Risk Evaluation and Planning Program
This document includes the suggested contents of a basic emergency plan that includes emergency contact information, preparedness and response instructions, and collections priorities.
Audit Checklist
Disaster Supplies Shopping List
December 9, 2015   |  Field Guide to Emergency Response
This shopping list details what essential disaster-related supplies to buy and where to buy them.
Recommended Ready Kit Items
December 9, 2015   |  GEMA
This checklist includes recommended items to Include in a basic ready kit.
Risk Evaluation Walk-Through Checklist
December 9, 2015   |  Heritage Preservation Risk Evaluation and Planning Program
This thorough checklist includes inspection items for a walk-through of both grounds and buildings.
Achieving Resilience in Disaster Management
December 9, 2015   |  Journal of Strategic Security
This article examines the current status of public-private partnerships in disaster management, as well as the emerging opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed for these partnerships to achieve their full potential.
Emergency Management Research and People With Disabilities
December 9, 2015   |  U.S. Department of Education
This guide provides a listing and description of research projects funded by the federal government and nonfederal entities, research recommendations that have come out of conferences on emergency management and disability, and a bibliography of relevant research publications. (April 2008)
Emergency Preparedness Planning & Policy and Vulnerable Populations
January 11, 2016   |  Brook E. Brandon, Georgia Tech M.S. Thesis
The result of this research is a central policy document with a specific focus on disability preparedness planning in public schools. Emphasis has been placed on applying preparedness principles and planning considerations that will have an impact on students and teachers with disabilities.
Best Practices
Best Practices Guidebook: Community Disaster Resilence
December 9, 2015   |  Georgia Department of Community Affairs
This guidebook includes best practices for community disaster resiliency with regards to future flooding, severe storm, and tornado events.
Emergency Response Planning -- Safety Training
December 9, 2015   |  The Workplace Safety Store
This video covers emergency planning, regulatory compliance, and safety.
Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans and Protection
December 9, 2015   |  Federal Safety Solutions
OSHA - Emergency Action Plan
December 9, 2015   |  eLearning Solutions

This video covers OSHA-compliant emergency action planning.