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Founded in 1988, Local Government Risk Management Services (LGRMS) is a joint program of the self-insurance funds of ACCG and GMA. LGRMS provides a variety of loss prevention and loss control services to help local governments minimize their workers' compensation, liability, and property exposures that have the potential to cause losses.
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Field Service

LGRMS Field Representatives visit onsite to consult with members on existing loss issues, evaluating existing loss prevention and control efforts, and submitting recommendations for suggested improvement.


Individual member losses are reviewed to help determine possible loss trends and help serve as a guide to focus member loss prevention and control activities.


A variety of publications are mailed throughout the year that cover employee safety, liability, and risk management topics that can be used by members in developing successful efforts to prevent losses. The quarterly Risk Connection, monthly Liability Beat, and monthly Safety Theme cover many topics that can be used to train employees or as a source of useful information for all departments.


Regional and onsite programs provided by LGRMS cover a variety of topics applicable to individual employees as well as all levels of management and elected officials. Use this link for a complete list of training opportunities.

Training Flyers

LGRMS provides a number of training events throughout the year. Didn't receive a flyer? Please click on a link below to download your training event of interest. 

2021 ACCG and GMA Workers Compensation Webinar