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Vehicle Backing Safety FactSheet
February 18, 2016   |  Texas Department of Insurance
According to the National Safety Council, one out of four vehicle accidents can be blamed on poor backing techniques. Backing accidents cause 500 deaths and 15,000 injuries per year. The use of safe vehicle backing tips by employers and employees can help prevent accidents while on the job.
Watch Your Backing!
February 19, 2016   |  Firehouse
This article discusses guidelines for backing an emergency vehicle.
Sample Policies
Backing Safety Sample Policy
February 19, 2016   |  McKinney, Texas Fire Department
The purpose of this policy and procedure is to outline proper safety practices to be used when backing Fire Department vehicles and maneuvering in close-quarters situations.
Vehicle Backing Practices
February 19, 2016   |  Glatfelter Insurance Group
To reduce the risk of accident and injury, emergency service organizations should have standard operating and training guidelines which mirror the following recommended practices.
Sample Forms
Vehicle Accident Report
February 19, 2016   |  Herzog Contracting Corp.
This sample form includes a box for backing accidents that asks about sensors.
Vehicle Backing Accident Prevention
February 19, 2016   |  Monroe County, Florida
Supervisors can use this form to review any vehicle backing accident. Also, this form can be used as a training guide for safety meetings.
Driver Safety
February 19, 2016   |  NorthEast Washington's Educational Service District 101
Slides 20-26 of this training presentation cover backing.
Ten-Minute Training Topics: Backing Accidents
February 19, 2016   |  Washington County, Maryland Fire and Rescue
A quick training 3-pager that covers the causes of backing collisions and how to minimize the potential for backing losses.
Audit Checklist
Backing Safety Checklist
February 19, 2016   |  Harleysville Risk Services
A quick backing safety checklist that can apply to a variety of vehicles.
Safe Backing
February 19, 2016   |  Washington Trucking Associations
A quick safe backing checklist.
You are Not an Owl (Backing Up Basics)
February 19, 2016   |  National Safety Council / Texas Department of Transportation
This is a checklist of tips for backing up your vehicle.
Backing Up Vehicles Safely
February 19, 2016   |  Safety+Health Magazine
A backover incident occurs when a backing vehicle hits a worker who is standing, walking or kneeling behind the vehicle. The following are examples, recommended by OSHA, of backover prevention methods.
Fleet Safety Tip of the Week: Preventing Backing Collisions
February 19, 2016   |  Automotive Fleet
National statistics indicate that backing collisions account for about one-quarter of all collisions. Of course, the growing number of rear-vision camera systems figures to decrease the incidence of these collisions in the near future. But backing will always carry its own set of risks. Here is a list of safety tips -- provided by the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation -- aimed at preventing backing collisions.
Best Practices
Avoid Backing Accidents
February 19, 2016   |  National General Insurance
This document covers backing hazards and steps to prevent backing accidents.
CDL Driver Guide to Best Practices for Safe Backing
February 19, 2016   |  Driving Ambition
With the need to navigate a big rig in and out of various delivery locations, it’s no surprise that backing accidents have for years been the highest frequency accidents with the lowest severity in the industry. However, the exposure – as with any type of accident – always exists for a fatality, injury and physical damage. And nobody wants an accident, regardless of severity, on their record. Therefore, to enhance your backing skills and to reduce the frequency and exposure of such accidents, it’s a good idea to adhere to the following safe backing procedures.
Drive Safe: Watch Your Back-up!
February 19, 2016   |  Encana

Encana is hoping to reduce the number of motor vehicle incidents (MVI) on its worksites. The majority of its MVIs occur when a driver is parking or backing a vehicle. This video was created to facilitate conversations and provide staff with practical solutions to backing/parking safely.

Safe Backing
February 19, 2016   |  Wolpert Insurance

Backing instructions and safety tips for commercial motor vehicle truck drivers.